Fairy Hammocks

Wee Notions Fairy Hammocks - Washable Cloth Sanitary Protection.  Click on a product below and look in the "Fairy Info" tab for detailed information.

***SPECIAL OFFER Buy ANY 6 single Fairy Hammocks, Luna Wolf Design Pads and/or PeaPods and get the cheapest FREE ***

(The shop will automatically apply the discount to your order.  This offer applies to single pads, packs of 6 pads will already have the discount included in the price.)


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Fairy Hammock - Canabis Leaves
Fairy Hammock - Blue Flowers on Black
Fairy Hammock - Dahlias on Teal
Fairy Hammock - Exotic Flowers on Red
Fairy Hammock - Multi-Coloured Birdies
Fairy Hammock - Camouflage Minkee in Heavy Flow.
Fairy Hammock - Fabulous Foxes
Fairy Hammock - Purple Abstract
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Page 1 of 3:    113 Items