Choosing Fabric

Information on a Selection of our Fabrics.

*COTTON VELOUR (80% cotton 20% polyester) - A super soft absorbent and stretchy fabric which feels like velvet. It stays lovely and soft, wash after wash.

*PLUSH FABRIC (100% polyester) - This is the softest, cuddliest fabric we have ever touched. 100% Polyester and best washed cold and line dried or dried on low in the dryer. This fabric is not bulky, it is like the softest velvet but with a flat pile and it washes beautifully.

*MICRO-FLEECE (100% polyester) - 100% polyester fleece, Micro-fleece is thinner than regular fleece making the pad slimmer to wear for PeaPods or Luna Wolf backs.

*FLEECE (100% polyester) - 100% polyester fleece, this fabric is not suitable for pad tops but great for the backs of PeaPods.

*100% COTTON JERSEY - This fabric is BEAUTIFULLY SOFT, absorbent and stretchy, making it an ideal fabric for washable eco sanitary pads.

*100% ORGANIC COTTON JERSEY - Same as above but this fabric is also organic. Organic fabrics are produced without the use of hazardous chemicals which can be harmful to the environment and the health of the people involved in the manufacturing process. Wee Notions Organic Cotton Jersey is manufactured in the UK.

*BAMBOO TOWELLING (90% Bamboo 10% Polyester):

Bamboo made of environmentally friendly woven bamboo is highly biodegradable. Being an eco-friendly material, bamboo has hardly any impact on the environment. Contrary to cotton, it can thrive naturally without the use of pesticides.

Bamboo is made of the highest quality East Asian Bamboo. Compared to fibres originating from wood (viscose rayon) or other petrochemical fibres (polyester), bamboo has important advantages to offer: a short growth cycle and easy cultivation.

It results from tests carried out by Testex, an independent Swiss Laboratory, that bamboo fabric is antibacterial by nature (JIS L 1902 Quantitative test). The Japanese Textile Federation has confirmed that after 100 washing cycles bamboo fiber fabric still possesses its antibacterial properties.

Bamboo fabric also surpasses cotton in moisture absorption. Its criss cross texture creating microscopic openings in the fibers, guarantees a truly exceptional moisture absorption. Tests have shown that bamboo absorbs 60% more moisture thatn cotton and dries 20% quicker than cotton.

Baby Pink and Baby Blue BAMBOO TOWELLING (65% bamboo 28% cotton and 7% polyester backing for durability) - This fabric has all the great qualities of our regular bamboo towelling, and is lovely and soft to the touch.  It looks like normal looped towelling on one side and on the other side (the right side) it looks more like Plush fabric, in that it has a straight cut pile.

*ORGANIC BAMBOO VELOUR (70% bamboo 28% cotton and 2% polyester backing for durability) - A super soft absorbent and stretchy fabric which feels like velvet. It stays lovely and soft, wash after wash.

A NOTE ABOUT PRE-WASHING We have no control over the finishing agents used on the fabrics, and therefore we recommend that your first wash be at 30 degrees, using the full quantity of washing powder recommended by the manufacturer.  You can wash it and wash it, and rinse it and rinse it, but if you don't use the full recommended amount of detergent in your wash, you will not remove any oily residues that may be on the fabric from the manufacturing process.