Pocket Nappy Troubleshooting Guide

Pocket nappies in general are not as reliable as two part systems, however if you are having problems with your pocket leaking there are several things you can try. Use the flow chart below to help you narrow down the list of suggestions.

1) More stuffing may be required, or a different combination of fabrics. Try something which absorbs quickly (such and microfiber) on top (nearest to the fleece inner), and then a slower but very absorbent fabric underneath such as hemp or bamboo.

2) Alternatively you may need to change the nappy more frequently. As with all cloth nappies you will need to change the nappy every 2-4 hourly (with the exception of night nappies).


3) Detergent build up - sometimes the detergent you use to wash your nappies in can build up in the fabric of both the nappy and the insert, and can reduce the effectiveness of the nappy. To remove the detergent wash as normal but do extra rinse cycles until you can no longer see any bubbles in the water.

4) Has your baby changed shape? As babies grow they change shape, for example when they start to walk their legs slim down, or they may simply outgrow the size they are in.


5) Power weeing - When your child starts to get more control over their bladder, they will hold onto the wee for a time and then let it out all in one go. If your child starts to do this it can overwhelm a pocket nappy. If you think this is happening with your child, it may be a sign to star thinking about potty training, or alternatively, I would recommend a two part system.


6) Sometimes the holes made by the poppers can cause problems, this can usually be rectified by giving the pocket a short blast in a tumble dryer to seal any holes the PUL.


7) If you do the pocket up on a tight setting you will have a large part of the wing inside the nappy loose. Try taking it and folding it back on itself (towards the back of the nappy) so the micro-fleece is still touching the skin and the wing is shorter. It is best to do this before you do it up, but make sure you leave the popper you need to use exposed, so that you can still fasten the nappy.


8) If the pocket appears to be leaking through the fabric rather than round the sides, and NOT through the poppered wings, then try giving the pocket a short blast in a tumble dryer to seal any holes the PUL, if that still doesn't work then please email us: weenotions at (with an @ symbol rather than "at").


9) Poppers done up too tightly or too loosely: Try the poppers on a looser or tighter (be careful not to make it too tight so that it leaves marks on your child skin) setting than you are currently using to see if that makes any difference, sometimes even though it may seem illogical, putting them on a looser setting can actually help.


10) Experiment with your Insert: Try different combinations of fabrics (see 1 above) and more or less stuffing inside the pocket. Sometimes if you overstuff a pocket it can cause the inside to bulge upwards and wee will just run off it and out the side of the nappy. Too little and there will not be enough to absorb it and again you will get leaks. Also make sure the insert is lying flat inside the pocket and experiment with the amount of gap you leave between the side and the insert, I always put my inserts right to the edge, but different things work for different people.


11) Make sure the fleece inner is touching your child's skin (especially around the legs) and NOT the outer fabric, this is especially important if you have a cotton outer on your pocket.


12) Does it seem to fit well? Run your finger around the waist and legs once it is on your child so you can get an idea of whether or not it seems to fit well. The pocket should move away from your child's skin as you move your finger round it, but otherwise not leave a gap. If not, have you got the correct size for you child (or if it is a one size pocket, is it on the correct setting?).


13) Has your insert been prewashed to increase absorbency. Some fabrics like bamboo and hemp will need several washes before they reach their full absorbency.


14) You may need to change the nappy more frequently. As with all cloth nappies you will need to change the nappy every 2-4 hourly (with the exception of night nappies).


15) The fabric outer on your pocket may not suit your child, have you tried a fleece outer?



Pocket nappies in general are not as reliable as a two part system, and I have never heard of a pocket nappy that has been used successfully on every child that has tried it, so if you have tried all of the suggestions above and you are still not having any success with your pocket, then unfortunately it may just be that it is not suitable for your child at the moment. This doesn't mean it never will be, for example when your child grows or alternatively if your child slims down after they begin to walk etc. I would recommend either holding onto it to try at a later date or selling it on. There are several cloth nappy forums that you can use to sell pre-loved nappies (see our links section) you could also try this site:




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