Fire Regulations

Wee Notions Fire Safety Regulations

Fire Safety Regulations for children’s nightwear in the UK indicate that manufacturers must indicate on their websites or advertising materials the “keep away from fire”, symbol that you see here:

The Regulations apply to the supply of nightwear and garments used for a similar purpose i.e. items that we know may be used at night even though they are not specifically made for nightwear – for example Wee Notions Wraps/ Covers.

One-piece garments with legs i.e. nappies and wraps, are treated as children's pyjamas.

Pyjamas do not have to comply with the flammability standard. However, they must carry a permanent label showing whether or not they meet the flammability standard. For this reason our garments will now carry appropriate labels and appropriate symbols will be displayed on the Wee Notions Limited website. Wee Notions Limited garments are NOT made from fabrics treated with fire retardant chemicals.

For more information please see - The General Product Safety Regulations (GPS) 2005 which implement Directive 2001/95/EC.