Care Instructions

BEFORE USING YOUR Wee Notions Products:

IMPORTANT: Please read the information sections on this website before using and/or washing your Wee Notions Purchases . We are happy to refunded/exchange any items which are returned to us unused and unwashed as per our returns policy.

We highly recommend that you pre-wash our nappies before use, this will remove any loose fibres resulting from the manufacturing process. If your nappy contains Cotton, Bamboo or hemp it will need to be pre-washed a number of times to reach full absorbency, however I would recommend you use the nappy between washes, but you may need to add extra booster(s). 

WASHING INSTRUCTIONS - (These washing instructions are appropriate for all Wee Notions Products):

* Wash at a maximum temperature of 60 degrees. Washing at a lower temperature is better for the environment and will keep your itmes looking newer for longer.
* ALWAYS wash with like colours.
* Can be tumble dried but only on a low heat setting.
* Do NOT iron.
* NOT suitable for dry cleaning.
* Do NOT chlorine bleach.
* Do NOT use fabric softeners.
* ALWAYS store  with like colours once wet.
* Be careful if you are washing your items (especially products containing lycra) with anything Aplix/TouchTape as it can stick to the lycra and cause a bobbling effect.

*PLEASE NOTE - Some fabrics run in the wash, and most fabrics will not exactly match others, for example the white background on "Black and White Cow Velboa" is NOT an exact match for White Cuddlesoft.  Please bear these things in mind when picking fabrics.*

A NOTE ABOUT PRE-WASHING - (Especially important for Cuddlesoft and Minkee inners)

We have no control over the finishing agents used on the fabrics, and therefore we recommend that your first wash be at 60 degrees, using the full quantity of washing powder recommended by the washing powder manufacturer.  You can wash it and wash it, and rinse it and rinse it, but if you don't use the full recommended amount of detergent in your wash, you will not remove any oily residues that may be on the fabric.



As with all cloth nappies you will need to change your nappies 2-4 hourly (with the exception of night time nappies), as they do not rely on moisture retaining chemicals.