About Us

Wee Notions is a small family run business based in Orkney, and was the brainchild of Margaret, who is Suzanne's mum, and Suzanne who is mum to William and Amelie.  We opened in November 2004 with one sewing machine and a lot of enthusiasm and eight month old William.  William was joined by Amelie in March 2007, and Suzanne's partner Angus joined Wee Notions in April 2008.

When you buy something made by Wee Notions you are paying for an item that has been lovingly handmade with exceptional attention to detail, we pride ourselves on our high standards and for this reason we can manufacture goods that mass produced items cannot compete with. Wee Notions is  now  much diminished and only Margaret currently works for the company making  cloth sanitary and  cloth incontinence products. 


UPDATE — Margaret has a very much smaller Wee Notions now and Suzanne and Angus now work elsewhere providing for their growing family.
All items are manufactured in a smoke free environment.


We have a few guiding principles for our company and we would like to share them with you here.

I try to source all of our fabrics and notions from Great Britain. The nature of the business is such that sometimes we have to look abroad for our suppliers but we always try to source ethically.

I strive to make a small impact on our planet by recycling wherever possible and by being aware of our electrical  and office sundry consumption.